Thanksgiving Turkey Tot Trot :: Happy Thanksgiving! // Monday Walks at Nature’s House

I know I have so much blogging to catch up on, BUT – this is seasonal… so it gets blogged first!

My sweet boys and I venture out on Monday mornings to “Nature’s House” a name given to the nearby state park by my oldest son. This Monday when we pulled into the lot he was extra not interested in joining in on the walk. He told me he wanted to go home or to stay in the car. Finally he decided he would come IF the stroller could be used so he could just relax. After much fussing and whining we began our little stroll. Little did he know we were on the hunt for wild turkeys for Thanksgiving. Hidden inside my snack bag was a large collection of feathers from making plump and perky turkeys during craft time. I know, you would think they would catch on… but they didn’t. I sprinkled feathers about while they weren’t looking… and sometimes right in front of them. The poor lonely stroller wasn’t used until Finley broke down from exhaustion. (two year molars and sleepless nights, yo) My oldest loved it. He couldn’t let a single one be left. He was a hugely successful turkey FEATHER hunter. Yes, I know… turkeys do NOT have fantasy colorful feathers in REAL life. This was magical though.

Happy Thanksgiving friends. May all of your nature walks be as magical.



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