Nature infused engagement session // Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

This most lovely couple will wed today in Howell… more on that this week. Super excited!

We met up one Autumn evening for their engagement session and these are the photographic results… along with a few hundred others.

They laughed, I laughed.

They kissed, I snapped a photo, and we all swooned over their love.

Like all of my couples, I fall in love too. The sweet kisses, the happy gazing, and little moments of authentic gestures of love that they each show. We are all nervous to meet someone new, and extra nervous to have photos taken… then throw in the requirement of showing your loving side in front of the stranger… lol. I get it. It isn’t easy. SO, knowing that, I use all the tricks up my sleeve to shake the nerves away and get my couples connecting. The kind of connecting that makes you forget (or not care) that some amazing lady is photographing it all. I know I am doing the right things when I tear up a bit…. because love is just so magical, and beautiful to witness. Just think… out of all of the people in the world, YOU have found the person that makes your heart smile.

To see two people so happy.

Heart smiling.

That is truly special.

SO thankful to see so many sweet gestures of love and passion as part of my job. It makes my heart so happy. <3

Congratulations you two… all the love and happiness to you both!

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